Royal Robes

Royal Warrants

Ede & Ravenscroft is proud to hold all three Royal Warrants, an honour shared by only a small number of other companies.

We are currently appointed as robe makers and tailors to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and robe makers for both His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

The coronation robes feature precious materials including: silk, mantua, satin, damask, sarsnet, cloth-of-gold and ermine. Needlework is of the finest detail.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

On 2nd June 1953 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II walked towards her throne, dressed in a robe that was as unique as the coronation ceremony itself.

Her Majesty’s robe followed the strict design guidelines of previous coronations:

“ A six yard train in best quality handmade purple silk velvet, trimmed with best quality Canadian ermine 5" on top and underside and fully lined with pure silk English Satin, complete with ermine cape and all being tailed ermine in the traditional manner, and including embroidery by the Royal School of Needlework.”

His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh also had robes made for the coronation. Ede & Ravenscroft’s ledger entry for 21st August, 1952 reads: “A Royal Duke’s Coronation Robe in the best handmade silk velvet trimmed with finest Canadian ermine. Coronet in metal gilt with airtight case with name inscribed. A page’s uniform complete.”

Ede & Ravenscroft worked closely with the Earl Marshal’s office to ensure that the peers and knights of the orders of chivalry were also correctly dressed.

His Majesty King George III (credit: National Portrait Gallery)

His Majesty King George IV

His Majesty King George IV’s coronation was particularly lavish. Twenty-seven tailors worked around the clock to fulfil orders. William Webb, the forerunner of Ede & Ravenscroft, was the only tailor named as ‘robemaker’ for the event.

Webb worked on robes for knights, officers of the orders of chivalry, mantles for forty-eight Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath and 100 Knights Commander of the Bath. He also supplied clothing for the kings of arms, heralds and pursuivants and many more coronation guests. The result was a coronation unlike anything previously seen.

His Majesty King Edward VII

Her Majesty Queen Alexandra

Ede & Ravenscroft made the robes worn by Queen Alexandra at her husband Edward VII’s coronation.

The Queen was thrilled with the results and presented Rosa with a much treasured, signed engraving of herself in her coronation robes.

The picture remains on display at Ede & Ravenscroft’s menswear shop, situated on Chancery Lane.

“His Majesty King Edward VII and Her Majesty Queen Alexandra's robes were made of magnificent purple silk velvet, embroidered in gold and fully lined with best ermine.

Royal Coronations

Ede & Ravenscroft has had the privilege of acting as robe maker to the Sovereigns since 1689. A royal coronation is steeped in tradition that has barely changed in 1,000 years.

The coronation robes featured precious materials including silk, mantua, satin, damask, sarsnet, cloth-of-gold and ermine. Needlework is of the finest detail.
An encyclopaedic knowledge of the symbolism and history of previous coronations ensures that the coronation robe embraces modernity whilst paying respectful homage to centuries of tradition.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

His Majesty King George III

In addition to supplying robes for His Majesty King George III’s coronation, in 1761, Ede & Ravenscroft was commissioned to clothe 16 dukes, 46 earls and over 100 peers.

His Majesty King George IV


Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s wonderful 60 year reign meant that by the time her son Edward VII was enthroned a coronation would have been a novel experience for most people.

Rosa Ede, the head of Ede & Son, was granted permission to make the Coronation Robes for His Majesty the King. As always, only the finest materials were used including magnificent purple silk velvet, gold thread and best ermine for the coronation robes, the best white cambric for the Colobium Sindonis (the sleeveless tunic) and crimson silk lining for the cloth-of-gold dalmatic and imperial mantles.

Sadly His Majesty King Edward died nine years later. It was decided to adjust his robes for the coronation of His Majesty King George V.

Her Majesty Queen Alexandra

His Royal Highness Prince Charles

Other Royal Robes

The Coronation of His Majesty King George VI and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

In 1937 Ede & Ravenscroft was honoured to lend its centuries of experience to the coronation of His Majesty King George VI and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Specially designed robes were made for a young Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret Rose.

The Investiture of His Royal Highness Prince Charles

In 1969, Ede & Ravenscroft made the robe for the investiture of His Royal Highness Prince Charles. The robe was crafted from  hand-woven purple velvet lined with ermine, and finished with an ermine cape and collar fully lined with white silk. It was similar to the robe made for the previous Prince of Wales, including original solid gold clasps.