Academic Dress

Ede and Ravenscroft supplies gowns, hoods and hats to many of the world’s leading institutions, combining an attention to historical detail with a modern touch. When you order your academic dress with us, you will also be offered available photography options for your ceremony as a part of your order.

Overview of academic dress

The origins of today’s academic dress including the robe, hood and classical cap trace back to the first universities in medieval times. Students wore long, sober clothing reflecting their status in society and identifying them as scholars.Whilst fashions changed, the sense of purpose and propriety evoked by formal academic dress along with practicalities of marking students out in a crowd ensured that the traditional garments were kept.

Many Oxbridge colleges, schools and some ecclesiastical services still use the gown and hood, however it is more commonly seen at degree ceremonies.

“Ede & Ravenscroft continues to supply academic dress to institutions around the world combining an attention to historical detail with a modern touch.”

Please book your graduation outfit at least 21 days before your Ceremony.


Q. I'm not sure what degree I am on.
A. Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you what you have been studying for, please ask your course tutor or the university or college registry.

Q. How can I confirm that my order has been placed?
A. You can see if your order has been placed by accessing the Review / Amend order screen which can be entered from the home page drop down menu.

Q. I am unable to print my confirmation e-mail - can I collect my gown without it?
A. It is not imperative that you have the printed copy, but take a note of the number - which can be found on the Review / Amend order screen, as it does speed things up at the ceremony, in any event, our representatives will have detailed lists on the day of your ceremony.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard  Debit cards: Visa Debit, Maestro and Electron

Q. Can I go into my nearest shop to place my order in person?
A.  In order for us to process the orders efficiently, orders should be placed via the website or the Call Centre.

Q. Can I go into my nearest shop to have my measurements taken for my outfit?
A.  Sorry we do not provide this service in our shops.

“We will help you put your graduation outfit on, and ensure that you are wearing it correctly.”


Q. What does 'Height' mean?
A. Your height means the measurement from the top of your head to the ground. This can be in metres or feet and inches.

Q. What does full outfit mean?
A. Full outfit means all the required items for the award that you are receiving and is usually a gown, hood and hat although this varies according to the institution.

Q. How will I know how to wear the outfit?
A. We will help you put it on and ensure you are wearing it correctly.


Academic dress FAQ


Q. How much notice is required before I book my graduation outfit?
A. Please book early to be sure of your order as we cannot always guarantee an order if you leave your booking later than 21 days before your Ceremony (being the date agreed for the Hire outfit to be available). Please check the website to see if the ceremony date option is still available or contact the Call Centre to establish if it is still open to book.

Q. What can I do if I am too late to order my outfit on-line?
A. You may be able to place a late order. Go to the enquiry desk in the robing area early on the day of your ceremony and our staff will do their best to help you. We are usually only able to accept cash or cheques at the ceremony. Please note we cannot guarantee we will be able to provide robes for late orders.


Q. When will my purchased outfit arrive?
A. This will depend on the type of outfit you have ordered. The dispatch time will be stated on your shopping basket when placing your order on the internet. Please make a note of this.

Q. Where do I collect my outfit from?
A. Your university or college has set aside a special area for you to collect your outfit and put it on. Details are normally given to you in your handout regarding ceremony arrangements. Please confirm with your registry.

Q. Will I receive my purchased accessories with my hire outfit?
A. Hire orders will be delivered direct to your graduation ceremony. All purchased orders will be delivered to your specified delivery address (not your institution).

Q. When can I collect my outfit?
A. Details will have been given to you by your university or college, however as a general rule Ede and Ravenscroft will normally be available to robe you at least two hours before the ceremony.

Q. What does Extra Time mean?
A. The normal hire fee is usually for the ceremony day (or evening if it is just an evening ceremony). This enables you to wear the outfit for your graduation ceremony and have private and official photos taken if you want. If you opt for Extra 7 days hire you can take the robes away from where you had your graduation ceremony and keep them for one week, returning them to us in the postage paid bag provided. Instructions regarding the use of this bag are listed inside the bag. You must obtain proof of posting. You are not allowed to take your outfit out of the United Kingdom.

Q. Can I return my outfit to my nearest Ede & Ravenscroft shop?
A.  Please return all postal items as requested to the address as stated in the back of your gown.